Пренов Шавкат Маметсалиевич

Phone: +99897 769-67-35
e-mail: shavkatbek.prenov@gmail.com
Address:: Talabalar shaharchasi, Olmazor district, Tashkent city
degree: master
title: no
Place of work and position::
Department of Geodesy and Cartography, Senior Lecturer
National University of Uzbekistan - Cartography, 2008
Work experience (full years):
General: 10
By specialty: 10
Scientific directions, professional interests:
Geodesy and cartography, GIS
Thesis: no
Teaching disciplines: Geodesy and cartography, GIS
Awards: no
Membership in scientific, professional, public organizations: no
Educational publications: no
Tutorial: no
         1.  Сафаров Э.Ю., Пренов Ш.М Design and compilation of natural maps. Tashkent. 2014        
         2.  Сафаров Э.Ю., Пренов Ш.М and others. Cartography and geovizualization. Tashkent. Iktisod-Molia 2016
          1.  Prenov Sh.M. - On the use of geographic information systems in study of reclamation of irrigated lands. Science and World international scientific journal. ISSN 2308-4804. Science and world. 2017. № 6 (46). Vol. II. pp 74-77.
         2.  Prenov Sh.M., Safarov E.Yu. - Development of content of land resources maps using geographic info rmation systems. Austrian journal of Technical and Natural Sciences, ISSN 2310-5607. №5-6/2017.
         3. Prenov Sh.M. - Development of content of land resources maps using gis. XXV International con ference "Development of science in the xxi century".  c. Kharkov 2017, ISSN 5672-2605. pp 5-10.
         4. Эгамбердиев А., Пренов Ш.М. - History current state and actual problems of cartography development in Uzbekistan
 . Geographic collection of Uzbekistan 47-volume. Tashkent 2017 year. 
         5. Пренов Ш.М., Сафаров Э.Ю. – Issues of the use of geographic information systems when depicting environmentalists in ameliorative environment. Modern aspects of the development of natural, social and environmental processes in the region of Lower Duda. Materials of the Republican Scientific and Practical Conference. Urgench 2017 year. Volume 2. 98-100 page
Grants: No: 530808-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-HU-TEMPUS-JPCR Tempus IV.
Qualification, internship: University of West Hungary 2016-2017 year.

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