Hишанова Гульнора Усмановна

Phone: +99897 7618142
Е-mail: nishanova-gulnor@mail.ru
Adress: Tashkent, University 4, Faculty of Journalism
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Degree: Candidate of  Philology
Title: Associate Professor
Place of work and position:
Department of Public Relations and Advertising, Associate Professor.
Education:Tashkent State University (now the National University of Uzbekistan named after MirzoUlugbek) - journalism, qualification "journalist" 1993.
Scientific directions, professional interests:
PR and advertising, media legislation, the history of domestic journalism of the period of Jadidism, the history of world journalism.
PhD thesis: "The Role and Importance of the Journal of" Oina "in the Formation and Development of Uzbek Publicistics" (supervisor - B.A. Dustkoraev) 2008.
Disciplines taught:
Legal basis of journalism
History of journalism
Imaging in the field of PR
Mastery of a journalist
Winner of the republican contest in 2015 for the title of the best teacher of the higher school in the field of journalism and information technologies in the nomination "Use in the teaching of innovative and information technologies."
Membership in scientific, professional, public organizations
more than 30 scientific articles
Grants: 2011-13: "Audiovisual art is a legacy of the legacy and the 20th and 21st centuries in the Uzbek culture: aesthetic independence, the promotion of national independence ideas and the strengthening of cultural immunity against the effects of globalization."
Further training, internships:
"Journalism and Communication" Regional Center at NUUz them. MirzoUlugbekapo training and retraining of teachers of higher education.
Certificate No. 012519. 31.10.2017. registration number 0393.

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