Марунов Алексей Алексеевич

Phone: +99890 345-10-26
E-mail: mail@nuuz.uz
Adress: Tashkent, University 4, Faculty of Journalism
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Degree: -
Title: Senior Lecturer
Place of work and position: Department of Public Relations and Advertising, Senior Lecturer.
Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies - international relations. 2000g. National University of Uzbekistan Faculty of Journalism, Higher Courses of Journalism. 2007
Scientific directions, professional interests:
Legislation of journalism, Sociology and psychology of mass media, Problems of legal culture of modern youth.
Disciplines taught:
Legislation of the media.
Sociology and psychology of journalism.
Information and psychological security.
Ideological bases of mass media of Uzbekistan.
Membership in scientific, professional, public organizations
1. Journalism in the conditions of the development of the information society. The second scientific and practical conference on the specialization of the Higher Courses of Journalism. NUUz 2013
2. Importance of the Internet for the development of information security of the republic. Time, information, the Internet: the trends of renewal (transformation) and prospects. UzMU, 2014.
In-service training, internships
Journalism and information. 2013y. Regional Center at NUUz them. MirzoUlugbek on the training and retraining of high school teachers.

Scientific works

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