Ирназаров Қудрат Туганович

Phone: +99890 901-96-67

e-mail: mail@nuuz.uz

Adress: Tashkent, University 4, Faculty of Journalism

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Degree: Doctor of Historical Sciences

Title: Associate Professor

Place of work and position:

Department of Public Relations and Advertising professor


Leningrad State University, 1973, Moscow State University - journalism, qualification "journalist", 1979.

Scientific directions, professional interests:

Theory and practice of journalism, history of journalism, Public relations, advertising.


PhD thesis

  "The interaction of the press of the Republic of Central Asia in strengthening the friendship of peoples" (supervisor-professor RP Ovsepyan) - 1979.

Doctoral dissertation

"Mass media and interethnic relations: criticism of stereotypes of totalitarianism, analysis of the policy of independent development"2004.

Disciplines taught:

Introduction to journalism

Mastery of a journalist

Public relations in business structures

Public relations in non-governmental and non-profit organizations

Theoretical bases of public relations


Order of MehnatShuhrati 2008.

Membership in scientific, professional, public organizations:

Member of the Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan

Membership in scientific, professional, public organizations


Educational publications:

5 manuals, 1 textbook.


about 100 scientific articles.


Contemporary Journalism of Uzbekistan UNESCO, 2002.

Journalism advertisement Public Relations, reference book Eurasia Foundation, Republic of Latvia № 003, LLC "PRINT-X" 23.12.2001.

Further training, internships: 

Journalism and information. 2013y. Regional Center at NUUz them. MirzoUlugbek on the training and retraining of high school teachers.

Scientific works

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